Stress Reduction Techniques

Reducing stress makes controlling eczema much easier. In fact, studies show that keeping calm and having a positive outlook may be the best ways to keep eczema under control. However, in todayís fast-paced world, managing stress can be a challenge even for children. Here are some time-tested techniques that can help effectively manage the stress of everyday life:

  • Maintain your treatment regimen. When life becomes especially hectic, it is important to comply with your treatment regimen to help avoid a flare-up.

  • Donít skimp on sleep. Adequate sleep reduces stress and gives skin time to rejuvenate.

  • Pace yourself.

  • Think calm. Take a minute or two to think calming thoughts when under stress.

  • Free your mind with a relaxation technique. Deep breathing, progressive relaxation, visualization, yoga, meditation or listening to a relaxation CD can help.

  • Write away your worries. Research shows that taking 15 minutes each day to write down your concerns is an effective stress management technique. Ripping up the paper after you finish writing also helps relieve stress.

  • Participate in a hobby. Doing something you enjoy can enhance your mental, emotional and physical well-being.

  • Get a pet. Pets reduce stress for many.

  • Make time for yourself everyday. Create a list of things you enjoy. Maybe a walk, catching a favorite TV show or curling up with a book are on your list. Find time everyday to do something you enjoy.

  • Join a support group. Some find comfort and a feeling of well being when they talk with others who have eczema.

Parents and caregivers can help relieve the emotional stress that children feel by relieving the symptoms with medications prescribed by a dermatologist. It also helps to distract the child from the itch with cold compresses.

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