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About Acne
Acne Can Change the Way You See the World
In their own words, patients tell what it's like living with acne

Adult Acne: A Fact of Life for Many Women

Early Acne Often Predicts Severe Acne

Food Does Not Cause Acne

Treating Acne
12 Ways to Get Better Results from Acne Treatment

Effective Acne Treatment Often Requires More Than Medication

Acne Medications Not for Use During Pregnancy

Acne Treatment Revolutionized by 25 Years of Research

Adult Acne: Effective Treatment Available

Are laser and light treatments really light years ahead of conventional acne therapy?

Psst...Topical Acne Medication Can Clear Acne
The secret is knowing how to use it

The Naked Truth About Natural Acne Treatments

The Truth About Oral Contraceptives and Acne

Treating Acne in Skin of Color

Treatment for Acne, Skin Cancer Dangerous

Acne: Various Forms
Acne Mechanica
Adolescent Acne
Excoriated Acne
Infantile Acne
Pomade Acne
Severe Acne (4 Types)

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Acne does not clear overnight.  On average, 6 to 8 weeks are needed to see initial results.  Don't give up on a therapy before then.





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