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FDA Warns Consumers About Lipodissolve

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) wants consumers to know that websites and ads promoting a treatment called lipodissolve often contain false or misleading information. Also known as mesotherapy, injection lipolysis, lipozap, or lipotherapy, this treatment involves getting a series of injections. Medical spas offering this treatment frequently claim that these injections dissolve and permanently remove fat.

The FDA wants consumers to know that there is no scientific evidence to show that this treatment works. In fact, the FDA has not approved the injections for this purpose. And claims such as “outstanding safety record” have not been proven. People undergoing lipodissolve have had side effects. These include permanent scarring and deep painful knots under the skin.

To learn more, visit the FDA’s Web site and read FDA Warns About Lipodissolve Product Claims.

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