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Cosmetic Procedures
10 Questions to Ask Before a Cosmetic Procedure
Acne Scars: Types and Treatment
Buying Botox® Online Poses Serious Health Risks
Cheaper Isn't Always Better
Facial Skin: Surgical Rejuvenation
The Lunchtime Peel: What It Can Do for You
Non-Facial Aging Skin: Treatments
Tattoo Removal: When They Are No Longer Wanted

Creams, Lotions, and Other Topicals that Fight Aging
Protection Against Photoaging

Dermatologists' Tips
Dermatologists’ Top Tips for Mature Skin

Dermatologists' Top 10 Tips for Relieving Dry Skin

Hair Loss
Age-related Skin Concerns: Hair Loss
Best Rx Options for Hair Loss in Women - Dermatologists Say First Find the Cause
Good Hair Care May Head off Hair Loss

What Causes Hair Loss?

Medical Conditions
Just Another Sign of Aging, or an Underlying Medical Condition?
Skin Cancer: Need for Skin Exam Increases with Age

Shingles: More Common with Age - CDC recommends shingles vaccine for adults 60+

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