Used to treat:

All types of eczema, when itching is severe

Antihistamines may be prescribed when eczema causes severe itching. While there is little scientific evidence that sedating or non-sedating antihistamines are effective in relieving itch and other symptoms, sedating antihistamines can help patients get the sleep they need. Constant itching can cause many sleepless nights.

What it does: It is believed that the improvements gained from antihistamines are due primarily to the patient getting a restful sleep. Researchers believe that a restful sleep promotes skin healing.

How to use: The antihistamine prescribed depends on the severity of the eczema and the amount of sleep loss. Antihistamines should be taken exactly as prescribed.

Research shows that antihistamines are safe and not associated with significant side effects, even in very young patients when taken as prescribed. However, taking a higher dose than prescribed can be dangerous, especially for young children.


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Drowsiness is common after taking an antihistamine, so this medication is often taken in the evening to help the patient get a good night’s rest.





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