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Psoriasis Can Lead to Depression

Does having psoriasis leave you feeling sad or hopeless? You are not alone. These are symptoms of depression, which can hit people with psoriasis hard. One study estimates that about one-fourth (24%) of people living with psoriasis suffer from depression. The good news is that you do not have to feel sad or hopeless.

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I just want to know how I can feel better.

Psoriasis Action Plan: Dealing with Depression

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Why do people who have psoriasis suffer from depression? What does the research show?

Psoriasis Increases Risk for Depression Studies Show

1. Wahl AK, Gjengedal E, Hanestad BR. The bodily suffering of living with severe psoriasis: in-depth interviews with 22 hospitalized patients with psoriasis. Qualitative Health Research 2002; 12: 250-61.

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I want to do many things; I want to be a positive person and talk to other people. But the psoriasis stops me from seeking the contact I want with others. Im afraid of rejection.

Psoriasis patient, Norway1





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