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When It Comes To Diet, What Really Works?

While some claim a change may alleviate or even eliminate their psoriasis, current scientific research does not confirm that eating a certain food or taking a specific supplement clearly makes psoriasis better or worse. Even the well-known claim that fish oil works has not been unequivocally proven. Many scientifically valid studies have been conducted on fish oil, and the results have not always shown clear improvement.

We also do not have scientific evidence to support the claim that supplements such as grape seed extract, olive leaf extract, and Ester C effectively clear psoriasis. The same is true for shark cartilage, which some say works. If you are considering any food supplement or herbal remedy, it is important to know that some can interact negatively with prescription medications. Equally important, in large quantities, some supplements can be toxic. For example, large doses of fish oil can be toxic because of the amount of vitamins A and D that is consumed. Before taking a dietary supplement or herbal remedy to treat your psoriasis, be sure to consult a dermatologist. If you are currently supplementing your diet, tell your dermatologist what kind of supplement or herbal remedy you are taking and how much you are consuming.

When it comes to diet, dermatologists recommend a healthy balanced diet. If this balanced diet includes a food that you think makes your psoriasis worse, conduct your own research. Stop eating the food, and see what happens. It is possible that some people have specific food triggers.

Dermatologists also urge patients to avoid any diet that claims it can “cure” psoriasis. These diets simply do not work, and some are extreme diets that can be harmful. Fad diets and weight-loss supplements also should be avoided, especially if you are taking cyclosporine or methotrexate. If you are overweight, which some believe makes psoriasis worse, be sure to talk with your dermatologist if you want to lose weight. A doctor who is familiar with your medical history is the best person to recommend an appropriate diet.

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