Rosacea Triggers
Yard Work and Housecleaning: Tips to Make Them Bearable

It is possible to keep your yard and home tidy and flare-ups at bay with these tips:

  • Avoid yard work and housecleaning when it is hot and humid. If you must work in these conditions, do so in the early morning or late evening when it is cooler.

  • Follow the sun protection strategies listed above, which include avoiding the sun, using sunscreen and wearing sunglasses that offer UVA and UVB protection.

  • Pace yourself when working so that you do not overheat.

  • If you find yourself overheating, be prepared to use one or more of the cool-down strategies listed on this page.



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  • Dissolve ice cubes in your mouth.

  • Drink cold water or a sports drink.

  • Keep a spray bottle of cool water close by and mist yourself as needed.

  • Drape an ice pack or cold towel around your neck.

  • Dab your face and neck with a cool cloth.

  • Carry a portable, battery-operated fan and extra batteries so you can cool down anywhere.

  • Wear sweatbands soaked in ice water.

  • Take a cool shower.



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